Digital Event Platform

Digital Event Platform

Thank you for your overwhelming participation in SFF x SWITCH 2020.

We’re aware that many of you have encountered issues that have affected your viewing experience. We apologise for the inconvenience caused. We have learnt many things along the way, and we have created a Tip Sheet on the top concerns you have been facing.

1. Getting started: When registering, please remember to put in the correct country code and business mobile number - not land line - so that you may receive the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) codes from Microsoft.

2. Desktop is strongly recommended. To experience the breadth and richness of the Online City and its content in its entirety, SFF x SWITCH 2020 is best experienced on a desktop.

3. Choose a private network, not a corporate one. You’re less likely to be blocked by a firewall.

4. Have your User ID on standby. If your company is using MS Teams, log out from your corporate account and re-sign using your SFF x SWITCH User ID that looks like [email protected]

5. Best browser experience: Enter SFF x SWITCH 2020 via your browser at We recommend Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. If you still encounter log in challenges, try going Incognito on Chrome, or InPrivate.

6. Refresh and/or clear your cache. Some of you are experiencing streamlining or audio lag issues. The team is doing everything we can to resolve this as soon as possible. In the meantime we recommend clearing your cache and refreshing your page.

Thank you for your patience and support. We will do better.

Top FAQs for Attendees

For SFF Online City, please choose from the recommended list of Microsoft Teams Client Web Browsers below:

Teams fully support the following internet browsers with noted exceptions
BROWSERS (In order of most to least recommended)
CALLING (audio, video, and sharing)
MEETINGS (audio, video, and sharing)
GOOGLE CHROME (Chrome 59 and latest versions)
MICROSOFT EDGE (Previous 2 versions and latest Chromium-based version)

For SWITCH platform, please use the supported browsers below for best experience:

Browser Supported Platforms Supported Versions
Chrome Windows, macOS Current and most recent version
Firefox Windows, macOS Current and most recent version
Safari Windows, macOS Current and most recent version

For the attendees accessing the SFF x SWITCH Online City via the Digital Premium Pass, ONLY Google Chrome browser fully supports both platforms.

Please note that the SFF x SWITCH Online City is best viewed on a desktop or laptop, instead of a mobile device.

If you are using a company-issued computer, you may have encountered a sign in error due to your company or organisation’s corporate IT policy. To access the SFF x SWITCH Online City, your IT department will need to whitelist access to the following SFF x SWITCH Office 365 tenant:

Should the IT department need any clarifications, please refer them to the tenant restriction documentation available here.

Additional URLs that may need to be whitelisted depending on individual corporate IT policies, include:

In the meantime, you may also wish to access the SFF x SWITCH Online City using your personal laptops or desktops.

If you already have a corporate Teams account, there are two ways you can concurrently log in to SFF x SWITCH Online City.

1. Open an incognito browser and log in using your user ID and password. This way, you can stay concurrently logged in to both your corporate Teams account and SFF x SWITCH via your browsers.

2. Alternatively, you can sign out of your corporate account on your browser and re-login using your user ID via You will be able to stay logged in to your corporate Teams account via your desktop Teams application.


Visit for more information on connectivity related issues if you are located in China.


There are no known issues for accessing the platform including Zoom.

Within 5-10 minutes of registration, you will receive a user onboarding email from SFFxSWITCH 2020 Admin ([email protected]). This should contain:

  • A unique User ID to log into the digital event platform. It will appear as [email protected]
  • Password verification and reset details
  • Useful event-related links

Please ensure that you log into the digital event platform with the unique user ID and not the email address that you registered with.

Please ensure that you have indicated the correct County Code in the Business Phone Number and Business Mobile Number fields in the registration form.

If you have not received the login details, you may have put in accented characters, symbols and punctations in the First Name and Last Name fields during your registration. If so, please contact us at [email protected] so that we may assist you.

Please refer to the Password Management instructions in the user onboarding email sent to you. If you still need further assistance, please contact us at [email protected]

As an SFF attendee or SWITCH attendee, you can register through either of the links here: or

Please note that you should not use accented characters, symbols and punctations in the First Name and Last Name fields on the form, in order to receive the subsequent onboarding emails to complete the setup process. Please also put in the correct country code and business mobile number so that you may receive the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) codes.

Once you complete the first step of the registration, you will receive an event confirmation email from [email protected], followed by an onboarding email with login credentials for the SFF x SWITCH Online City. Click on the confirmation button to complete the registration process.

It is mandatory to put in your country code and business mobile number in the registration form, so that the event support team can contact you in case of any login/access issues. A Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) code will be sent to your registered mobile number so that you can access the digital event platform.

The SFF x SWITCH Online City will be running 24 hours from 7 to 11 December 2020. You can access from 6 December 2020, 12pm SGT onwards.